Cecilia I, Gaerlan

Cecilia I. Gaerlan

   Cecilia Gaerlan is a Bay Area historian/playwright/novelist based in Berkeley, California. She founded the Bataan Legacy Historical Society to address the lack of information about the role of the Filipinos during World War II in the Philippines and to seek justice for the Filipino veterans whose benefits were rescinded in 1946. Bataan Legacy Historical Society’s main goal is to educate the public on the historical significance of the Battle of Bataan and World War II in the Philippines by presenting the war from different perspectives (Filipino, American, soldiers and civilians) through the multimedia presentations, exhibitions, conferences and lectures in schools and different organizations throughout the country. It is also documenting the stories of survivors and veterans of WWII in the Philippines. She was inspired by her father, Luis Gaerlan, Jr. a Filipino veteran (41st Infantry Regiment) of WWII and a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

      She is also the founder of Artis Mundi, a multicultural arts group that aims to promote cross-cultural and global exchange and a better understanding of history through art, cultural and historical programs using multimedia (film, theatre, music, literature and other visual/performing arts). Most of her plays explore the relevance of historical events in today’s world.

Bataan Legacy: http://www.bataanlegacy.org/

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