Phase 1:            Questionnaire #1


1. From the perspective of Filipino American history, what is the significance of each date?

   a) 18 October 1587

   b) 2 February 1901

   c) 20 December 1906

   d) 27 March 1933

   e) 5 March 1934

   f) 24 March 1934

   g) 25 June 1941

   h) 2 July 1946

   i) 26 July 1948

   j) 1 October 1948

   k) 9 November 1953

   l) 12 June 1967

2. From the perspective of organized labor and the Filipino American agricultural workers

    organizing history, what is the significance of each date?

    a) 5 July 1935

    b) 21 May 1945

    c) 5 June 1975

3. From the perspective of Filipino American labor organizing history, what is the

    significance of the date 19 June 1933?

4. Name the largest agricultural field workers union in California in 1939.

   a) What led to its demise?

5. From the perspective of Filipino Americans, what was created by the AFL-CIO towards

    the end of the 1950s decade?

   a) What Filipino American was among the initial union representative?

   b) The following year what Filipino American was hired as a union representative?

   c) On what date, where in Southern California, and which Filipino American union

    representative began his yearly organizing efforts?

   d) On what date, where and under the leadership of what Filipino American union

    representative led the grape strike in Southern California.?

   e) The strike ended successfully on what date?

6. On the evening of what date, where, and which organized labor group and under the

    leadership of whom decided to strike the grape fields of the Central Valley?

7. On what date did a non AFL-CIO affiliated association actually joined (as opposed to

    voting to strike) the Delano grape strike?

    a) Name that association

8. On what date, through the resolution of what unit of organized labor created a committee

    which succeeded the committee that initiated the grape strike in the Central Valley?

    a) Who became the director of that committee?

    b) Who became the next in command?

9. Prior to the completion of the Roy I. Reuther Memorial Building at Forty Acres, where

    were the historic mass meetings and activities of AWOC and UFWOC held?

10. On what date did the greater Delano-Arvin-Lamont area growers representing what

      percent of the table grapes in California signed contracts with what labor committee?

   a) Who was the first to sign?

   b) Who followed the first to sign?

11. Towards the end of what year when the headquarters (place) of the committee was

       moved to where and how far away?

   a) What Filipino American resigned towards the end of that year from the committee?

12. When did the committee end to be replaced by an independent union?

   a) The independent union was chartered by whom?

   b) What is the name of that independent union?

13. In what year and in what event did an officer, a Filipino American, resign from an AFL-

     CIO independent union?

   a) Who was the remaining Filipino American officer?

   b) In that year who was the former union representative that passed away?