Phase I: Questionnaire #2

1.    True or False: The Filipinos were the ones who started the famous Grape Strike when they alone sat down in the Delano grape fields back in 1965 and started what became known as the farm workers movement that eventually developed into the UFW?

2.    What is wrong with this statement attributed to Philip Vera Cruz? “When the UFW came along it really changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to bring my basically philosophical and questioning nature down to earth, and apply it to real everyday issues that actually affect people’s lives. As a Filipino it gave me the opportunity to participate in the political struggles of this country.

3.    True or False. Philip Vera Cruz was a Vice President of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee.

4.    True or False. Larry Itliong was a member of the United Farm Workers Union

5.    Name the Filipino who successfully challenged Section 69 of the California Civil Code.

___Pablo Manlapit

___Ivan Santos

___Salvador Roldan

___Christopher Delarna Mensalvas

6.    True or False. The California Supreme Court ruled anti-miscegenation laws to be unconstitutional (Loving v. Virginia) in 1956.

7.    True or False. The U.S. Supreme Court declared a similar ruling (see no. 6) for the entire nation (Perez v. Sharp) in 1977.

8.    Philip Vera Cruz was born on Christmas Day in





9.    The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the 9th Circuit Court’s decision in what case that Filipinos who entered this country before 24 March 1934 were nationals and therefore not aliens?

___Perez v. Sharp

___Santos v. Penaranda

___Loving v. Virginia

___Mangaoang v. Boyd

10.The Delano Strike was initiated by the





11.  True or False. The Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO (AWOC) and the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) merged to form the UFW.

12.  True or False. AWOC, like the NFLU, was comprised mostly of Filipinos.

13.  Which of the individuals was the first to join the Great Delano Grape Strike?

___Philip Vera Cruz

___Cipriano “Rudy” Delvo

___Emilio Dasio

___Cesar Chavez

14.  The mass meeting to decide to strike in Delano occurred on which date?

___3 May 1965
___14 May 1965

___7 September 1965

___8 September 1965

15.The Grape Strike really started in which locale?




___Coachella Valley

16.  Name four Filipino American union representatives of AWOC?

17.  True or False. After talking with Cesar Chavez, Larry Itliong began to see the benefits

of a merger between the AFL-CIO’s AWOC and the NFWA.

18.  True or False. The merger between the AFL-CIO’s AWOC and Cesar Chavez” NFWA was supported by a vast majority of the Filipino farm workers.

19.  Which of the individuals was Philip Vera Cruz’s teacher who influenced his decision to go to America?

___Jose Burgos

___Ivan Santos

___Ida Martner

___Gabriela Silang

20.  Philip Vera Cruz boarded which ship to North America?

___Empress of Asia


___President Lincoln


21.  Philip arrived in the United States in which year?





22.  Which hotel did Philip Vera Cruz first stay upon arriving in America?

___Palace Hotel

___Delta Hotel

___Diamond Hotel

___International Hotel

23.  Philip Vera Cruz graduated from which high school?

___James Logan High School

___Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane

___Commerce High School, San Francisco

___Delano High School, Delano

24.  Philip Vera Cruz completed one year of college at

___Washington State College


___University of San Francisco

___Gonzaga University

25.Philip Vera Cruz left the UFW in which year?





26.When and where was AWOC founded?

27.When and where was UFWOC founded?

28. When and where was the UFWA founded?